Collect Data from many source with telegraf

Hello my best people
I am new Influxdb user, i want o collect data from many database and i want to use telegraf for putting in InfluxDB. Do you have study case ? or any help about that.


Tell us more about your use case!

When you say “many databases”, do you mean many types of databases, or many instances of a specific type? Do you have MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, and Couchbase running, or a dozen Postgres instances?

When you say “data”, what kind of data do you mean? If you have lots of types of databases and want to collect performance metrics about each one, then Telegraf and it’s many input plugins would be a good choice.

But if you want to extract proprietary data from your databases, you will likely need to write some ETL code. You could use Telegraf for this as well, since you can run custom scripts using the exec plugin which can query your other databases.

Thanks and i will start next weekend with Telegraf

On a related note I had a question would it be possible for telegraf to read from two different input sources #1:say,windows system metrics cpu memory and #2 IIS logs and then output them to two different output sources #1 to InfluX DB and #2 to Elastic Search?appreciate your input

Yes, absolutely. You can configure multiple input plugins and multiple output plugins. In order to control which metrics get passed to which output, you can use Telegraf’s measurement filtering.

Thank You! being a newbie in this area I am trying to get a feel for all the possibilities.I am now wondering if I can use either grafana or kibana to create dashboard from two distinct data sources (elastic search and influxdb) to have best of both the worlds I will explore on that.

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