Parser processor change measurement name to "parser"

When using the parser processor, the measurement name get changed to “parser”.
It happens in either merge=“override” case or in the new metric.
I would expect to keep the original measurement name, is there something that I am missing here ?

example with original and parsed metric in JSON :

water,topic=sprinkler/arena/frontend value="{\"Pnetwork\":2.271,\"Pprefilter\":0.047,\"Psprinkler\":-0.003,\"tank_level\":28.389,\"output\":0,\"error\":0,\"well_pump_enabled\":1,\"fill_tank
_enabled\":1,\"wp_starts\":1051}" 1665778985960330563

parser well_pump_enabled=1,error=0,fill_tank_enabled=1,tank_level=28.389,Pprefilter=0.047,Psprinkler=-0.003,wp_starts=1051,Pnetwork=2.271,output=0 1665778985960668040

  parse_fields = ["value"]
  drop_original = false

I saw someone on the community slack report this same thing. If you could report an issue with a basic example that we can use to reproduce this issue I would greatly appreciate it!

A bug report about this problem can be found here:

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