OS X Catalina, Influxd 2.1.1. Fatal error on running

Installed InfluxDB 2.1.1 manually according to instructions (not Brew):

I gived permission on osx security settings.

When starting daemon influxd it gives an error:
2021-12-28T10:43:56.740847Z fatal Error listening on port: localhost:0, “listen tcp: lookup localhost: no such host” {“log_id”: “0YhA4S6G000”, “service”: “nats”, “nats_level”: “fatal”}

And when running:
influxd config
Error: unknown command “config” for “influxd”

I tried also Brew installation resulting the same error.
Am I missing something?

br. Henri

Hello @HenriWagner,
Hmm that is odd, it should be listening on 8086 by default.
Let me share this with the right team and get back to you.