[influxdb] [2.0.0-beta14] Unable to start on arch

Attempting to start InfluxDB2 with influxd on arch, getting this error message: Error: unable to find free port for Nats server with --help output after that.

ss -lntup output:

Netid   State    Recv-Q    Send-Q       Local Address:Port       Peer Address:Port   Process
udp     UNCONN   0         0          *
udp     UNCONN   0         0      *
udp     UNCONN   0         0                     [::]:5355               [::]:*
tcp     LISTEN   0         4096       *
tcp     LISTEN   0         511          *
tcp     LISTEN   0         4096    *
tcp     LISTEN   0         128          *
tcp     LISTEN   0         511         *
tcp     LISTEN   0         50                       *:8999                  *:*       users:(("python",pid=315,fd=7))
tcp     LISTEN   0         4096                  [::]:5355               [::]:*

What is your config?

I don’t think i have one. As far as i understand (maybe wrong?) to setup influxdb i need to run it and connect via web interface to setup (or do that via CLI) but this requires influxd running, which i cant start, because of this Nats error

“fixed” by installing docker.

Had issues btw with docker too, but all thats needed was reboot due to error with iptables.

Perhaps it was the issue with influxdb, since both of issues seems related to networking.

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