Only one stage data is sent to influx from jenkins pipeline

I’m trying to push stage data from Jenkins pipeline to influx db and I get issue as below

Issue: In jenkin builds console output, after each stage, I see :

Jenkins pipeline 2.150.2
InfluxDB 1.6.2

Any suggestions would be helpful.

My sample code is as below
//Methods for InfluxData begins

//Maps for Field type columns
myDataField1 = [:]
myDataField2 = [:]
myDataField3 = [:]

//Maps for Custom Field measurements
myCustomDataFields1 = [:]
myCustomDataFields2 = [:]
myCustomDataFields3 = [:]

//Maps for Tag type columns
myDataTag1 = [:]
myDataTag2 = [:]
myDataTag3 = [:]

//Maps for Custom Tag measurements
myCustomDataTags1 = [:]
myCustomDataTags2 = [:]
myCustomDataTags3 = [:]

def pushStageData() {

def url_string = "${JENKINS_URL}job/ENO_ENG_TP/job/R421/13/wfapi/describe"
def replaced = url_string.replaceAll(' ', '%20');
get = null;
def get = new URL(replaced).openConnection();

get.addRequestProperty ("User-Agent","Mozilla/4.0");
get.addRequestProperty("Authorization", "Basic dZXZvceDIwMTk=");

//fetching the contents of the endpoint URL
def jsonText = get.getInputStream().getText();
//converting the text into JSON object using JsonSlurperClassic 
def jsonObject = new JsonSlurperClassic().parseText(jsonText)

// Extracting the details of all the stages present in that particular build number
for (int i=0; i<jsonObject.stages.size()-1; i++){ //size-1 to ignore the post stage
//populating the field type columns of InfluxDB measurements and pushing them to the map called myDataField1
def size = jsonObject.stages.size()-1
myDataField1['result'] = jsonObject.stages[i].status
myDataField1['duration'] = jsonObject.stages[i].durationMillis
myDataField1['stage_name'] = jsonObject.stages[i].name

//populating the tag type columns of InfluxDB measurements and pushing them to the map called myDataTag1
myDataTag1['result_tag'] = jsonObject.stages[i].status
myDataTag1['stage_name_tag'] = jsonObject.stages[i].name

//assigning field type columns to the measurement called CustomData
myCustomDataFields1['CustomData'] = myDataField1
//assigning tag type columns to the measurement called CustomData
myCustomDataTags1['CustomData'] = myDataTag1

//Push the data into influx instance
{ step([$class: 'InfluxDbPublisher', target: 'jenkins_data', customPrefix: null, customDataMapTags: myCustomDataTags1]) }

catch (err)
{ println ("pushStagData exception: " + err) }