Odd 30 day limit on Influx queries

I am running influxdb version 1.6 and have an issue with querying data more than 30 days old. The queries come back empty. Even if I try to specify a singe hour of data from a period more than 30 days ago.
Shards are there, and retention policy is 93 days and beyond. Even the default infinite Telegraf retention policy limits the data to around 30 days. Am I missing a configuration setting ?

After investigating more the data cut off was the day I upgraded to ver 1.6. Influx discarded data from before the upgrade on some of my measurements. Not all, just some! Data was there in shards and everything loaded fine when influx was restarted on several occasions. With debug on the logs showed no error messages, Influx simply just ignored the data as if it wasn’t there. Not good!
So there was no magic 30 days limit, I just happened to find this issue 30 days after I upgraded to ver 1.6.