Influx 2.0.6: Changing retention from 30d to 90d deletes data older than 9d!

Running influx 2.0.6 docker (while UI says 2.0.5 ('7c3ead)) for more then a year without problems.
This week i changed the retention period of 1 bucket via webUI from 30d to 90d.
A day later i stop and retarted the docker with --ulimit 65535:65535 (because i saw logs about issues with snapshots).
Today i see that the data older than 9 days gets deleted !!??
Influx cli shows : 2160h0m0s 24h0m0s on this bucket.

Any idea how to analyze/fix ?

Hello @marcel1,
That is odd. It seems like a bug for sure.
Can you please log an issue here: