No access to tasks from Influx Cloud Interface

Hi all,

I’m using InfluxDb Cloud 2 and I’d like to create a few tasks. Problem is that the interface doesn’t expose the Task functionality to me even though the documentation says it should. I may be able to use the CLI but I’d prefer the UI if possible.

Also - I don’t have access to the create task functionality through Cronograf either - that just let’s me list the tasks I have running.

Hello @Timmwardion,
Chronograf is used with 1.x and doesnt support task creation.

When I login into Cloud 2 I can still see the the task UI.
Can you please share your screenshots of what you’re seeing and the docs of what you expect to see?

Thank you

Thanks @Anaisdg here is a screenshot:

These docs talk about being able to create a task in the ui or from the data explorer. I can’t do either. No navigation option on the left. No ability to save as task in the data explorer.,Create%20a%20task%20in%20the%20Task%20UI,on%20the%20left%2C%20select%20Tasks.&text=Click%20Create%20Task%20in%20the,detailed%20information%20about%20each%20option.