Influx Cloud API - Tasks operations do not support Token auth

Hello everyone!

I’m building out an initial proof-of-concept for integration with an Influx cloud instance. One requirement is to programmatically operate on tasks within the influx instance (create, read, update). The cloud API documentation lists all of these operations, as well as support for the API token authentication scheme (as opposed to username/password or active session via cookie like in the web app).

However, when attempting to hit /api/v2/tasks with a valid api token, I merely receive the following response (status code 404) -
“code”: “not found”,
“message”: “not found”

This is confusing - I’ve validated the endpoint exists and responds to dashboard requests (ie - the dashboard makes the same exact request with success). I’ve even further validated that I can ALSO make the same request using a cookie instead of API Key from my local postman and receive success.

Either the documentation is inaccurate and these task endpoints do not (perhaps are meant not) to support authentication via the API token, or there’s an issue within the route handler that is preventing token-based requests for these endpoints when perhaps it shouldn’t be. Ultimately, I’m hoping these APIs should support the API token authentication as the documentation says they do.

Any guidance here would be appreciated!


  • Alex

Hello @Alex_Nussel,
Thanks for your question.
What version of InfluxDB are you using?
Do you have an all access token?
That endpoint should work.
You can also try validating with the CLI I find it easier to work with than Postman or cURL requests :slight_smile: