New InfluxDB Course! Exploring InfluxDB Cloud

Check out the newest InfluxDB Course!

In this course, you will learn about InfluxDB Cloud and the features it provides. To start you will create your cloud account and learn about the various account management features and how you can manage your organizations and members. Next, you will learn how you can get data into InfluxDB using client libraries, the CLI, or tools like Telegraf. After that, you will learn how to query and visualize your data using the InfluxDB Data Explorer. You will then learn how you can organize your charts using Dashboards and Notebooks. Finally, you will learn how to take automated actions on your data using Tasks, Alerts, and Checks. In the next section of the course, the instructor will show you a demo of how to connect InfluxDB Cloud to Telegraf to collect metrics and visualize your metric data. Finally, you will learn about how you can combine InfluxDB Open Source with InfluxDB cloud using edge data replication to create apps with hybrid architectures.

What you’ll learn

  • How to get started with InfluxDB Cloud
  • How to query and visualize your data using InfluxDB Data Explorer
  • How to use Notebooks and Dashboards
  • How to use Telegraf with InfluxDB Cloud
  • How to combine InfluxDB OSS with InfluxDB Cloud for hybrid architectures
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