Nested JSON Array


I´m trying to ingest some JSON data from an IoT scenario, but can’t get my head around how to ingest some JSON arrays.
I got the following data:

  "device_name": "_5_115_3_TK_Emmastr_14",
  "properties": [
      "last_changed": "2021-04-13T12:22:20.823+02:00",
      "name": "N01 IL1",
      "type": "MeasureValue",
      "value": 0.3552161455154419
      "last_changed": "2021-04-13T12:22:20.823+02:00",
      "name": "N01 IL2",
      "type": "MeasureValue",
      "value": 0.9352161455154419

What I need is device_name, last_changed(as the timestamp), name, value.
So the output would be:

_5_115_3_TK_Emmastr_14,unixtimestamp, N01 IL1, 0.3552161455154419
_5_115_3_TK_Emmastr_14,unixtimestamp, N01 IL2, 0.9352161455154419

My input/output config look like this:

  files = ["/home/goodvirus/Downloads/example.json"]
  data_format = "json"
  json_time_key = "properties_last_changed"
  json_time_format =  "2006-01-02T15:04:05.000+02:00"

   files = ["stdout", "/home/goodvirus/Downloads/metrics.out"]
   data_format = "json"
   json_timestamp_units = "1s"

I have looked in many posts and it seems that there is no solution, which would be really sad because then I would have to write an additional program to flatten the JSON and then I would reconsider using influx as an database, because I will probably have some similar tasks in the future for data ingestion.

Any pointers?

Thanks in advance!


Hello @goodvirus,
Sorry you’re having trouble! Let’s try and fix that. Fist thing, I noticed your line protocol output is wrong. Correcting this would be the first step so I can try and help.
Line protocol is in the format:
measurement,tagkey=tagvalue fieldkey=fieldvalue timestamp unixtimestamp
So do you want your field key to be value?
And your tag key to be name?

Have you tried using the gjson path? telegraf/plugins/parsers/json at master · influxdata/telegraf · GitHub

For example to specify the timestamp, you would use:


I recommend using to test parsing.

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Hi Anaisdg,

thanks for your help! You are correct the Line protocol output is not correct.
I fixed the input to:

data_format = “json”
json_time_key = “properties_0_last_changed”
json_time_format = “2006-01-02T15:04:05.000+01:00”
json_string_fields = [“device_name”, “properties_#_name”]

And now I get:


What I want ist that the array is split and output 2 different lines like so:

{“fields”:{“device_name”:"_5_115_3_TK_Emmastr_14",“N01 IL1”:0.3552161455154419},“name”:“file”,“tags”:{“host”:“IoTHubIntNetzstationen”},“timestamp”:1613218941}
{“fields”:{“device_name”:"_5_115_3_TK_Emmastr_14",“N01 IL2”:0.9352161455154419},“name”:“file”,“tags”:{“host”:“IoTHubIntNetzstationen”},“timestamp”:1613218941}

Because the timestamp “last_changed” can be equal but maybe not every time. I also experimented with tags but the are always applied to all fields correct? Also the amount of entries in the array also varies…

Sorry for my not really inteligent question, but I´m new to the whole influxdb and telegraf thing…

Thanks again,


Hello @goodvirus,
I’m sorry I’m having trouble understanding. Can you please share the line protocol output that you expect?

Hi Anaisdg,

no worries, probably I´m not expression myself very good because of my lake of knowledge with telegraf…

I got the following line protocol:

file,host=IoTHubIntNetzstationen device_name="_5_115_3_TK_Emmastr_14",properties_0_name=“N01 IL1”,properties_1_value=0.9552161455154419,properties_0_value=0.3552161455154419 1613218941000000000

But I need the following:

file,host=IoTHubIntNetzstationen device_name="_5_115_3_TK_Emmastr_14",properties_0_name=“N01 IL1”,properties_0_value=0.3552161455154419 1613218941000000000
file,host=IoTHubIntNetzstationen device_name="_5_115_3_TK_Emmastr_14",properties_0_name=“N01 IL2”,properties_0_value=0.9352161455154419 1613218941000000000

Or any other way to differentiate between N01 IL1/N01 IL2 Values (there are around 60 and the order is not always the same, and not always are all present and the timestamp is not always identical…)

Thank you for your time and wisdom!