Multiple tag query on telegraf.conf can't show on influxdb

Hi currently I have some configuration telegraf.conf for on windows server using export inputs.sql

    driver = "sqlserver"
    dsn = "grafanasql:mypassword@"
	  query="select session_id,blocking_session_id,total_elapsed_time,wait_type,blocked_by_session,@@servername as servername from DBA_MANAGE.dbo.v_locking"
	  measurement = "sql_locking_x1"
	  tag_columns_include = ["session_id","blocking_session_id","total_elapsed_time","wait_type","blocked_by_session","servername"]
	  field_columns_int = ["session_id","blocking_session_id"]
	  field_columns_string = ["total_elapsed_time","wait_type","blocked_by_session","servername"]
	  field_columns_exclude = ["session_id","blocking_session_id","total_elapsed_time","wait_type","blocked_by_session","servername"]
    query="SELECT count(s.host_name) as total_ex, s.host_name FROM sys.dm_exec_sessions AS s JOIN sys.dm_exec_requests AS r ON r.session_id = s.session_id CROSS APPLY sys.Dm_exec_sql_text(r.sql_handle) AS st WHERE r.session_id != @@SPID AND r.total_elapsed_time > 10000 GROUP BY s.host_name"
	  measurement = "sql_slowquery_x3"
		field_columns_int = ["total_ex"]
		field_columns_string = ["host_name"]
		field_columns_exclude = ["total_ex","host_name"]

For measurement “sql_slowquery_x3” is shown on influxdb but for measurement “sql_locking_x1” is doesn’t show on influxdb

any suggestion ?

Can you please run your configuration but add a --test --debug to the telegraf command. This will print the metrics on the console. Please check if the sql_locking_x1 metric is shown or if there is some error message, warning etc.

hi srebhan thanks for reply
on using --test is already show but after telegraf is running measurement is not show on influxDB

@febridev please note that the metric is NOT SENT TO ANY OUTPUT in testing mode. This is also said by Telegraf in big red letters when starting with --test.

Anyway, can you please either past the console output when running Telegraf with --test or at least check if there is a metric with the name you expect on the console!?