Multiple input in sequence

Hello all,

I have problems to edit my contact information in my influxDB cloud account… I’m able to “Edit Information”, but when I press “Save contact information” I can wait minutes (I wait max 5 min) and its still showing that its in progress but there isn’t a progress. Does someone of you had similar issue and a solution for that.


Hello @Ehninchr,
No I don’t have this problem.
Let me share this with the right ppl. I appreciate your patience!

Did you sign up via a marketplace subscription or through InfluxDB directly? And if you are a marketplace subscription, which one?
Finally can you please share the URL for where you’re encountering this issue? Thank you!

I signed up through InfluxDB directly. The URL is the following one

(I deleted my org number, but I guess that link will also help you).

@Ehninchr, you’re still experiencing the issue?

@Anaisdg , no its fixed now.

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