Influx Stops Writing

Hello! Im having an issue writing into influxdb 1.2.4

Scenario> Arduino sending via HTTP POST to Influx. It works OK for an hour aprox and then stops writing.
If i try a select on the influx it works ok, post to other databases works too.

On logs i cant see any error, i just cant connect.

I try sending the data slower (from 200 ms to 400 ms) and the result was that the problem was not solved, but it takes almost the double time to show up.

Ive tested changing the default retention policy, shard duration, cache-max-memory-size of TSM, cache-snapshot-memory-size and enabled the shard precreation, but no luck

Influx is running on raspbian (Rpi3), and im sending only 4 values every 2 seconds. The Load Av, Disk usage, etc its fine.


@AgustinM This sounds most likely to be a network issue. What driver are you using to send data to the database? Are there retries in your script? Can you share more information about both of those topics?

Hi!, im using Ethernet.h and y retry the connection permanently

I found new info, it seams that the error is when influxdb compacts cache.


First 2 lines shows the post. After compacting, never again


@AgustinM That log would indicate to me that the database stopped recieving POST requests from your client. Do you have any logs from the Arduino client? Telegraf continues to write successfully so I’m certain that this isn’t a database issue.

Thank you! As you say, its from the arduino the error, maybe the ethernet lib, im trying to find it.
Many thanks