Modernizing Influx 0.8 to newer version or even cloud version

Dear all,
I am not familirar with Influx, although I am using it for one application for a longer perios of time. I have a script that is sending telemetry data to a database on my own influx server that is version 0.8.
I would like to migrate/modernize it to managed influx on cloud or at least newer version.
I already installed newer version of Influx, but I see there is different logic…logic of buckets.
I am afraid, newer versions are not compatible with my script.
Before you can see part of my script with parameters to my influx server.
Is it possible to connect to bucket on newer influx?
Thank you for your help in advance!


I need to upgrade/modernize it, since I am moving the dashboard to managed Grafana, that is not supporting Influx 0.8 anymore.

What do you mean by is it possible to connect bucket on newer influx?
My gosh 0.8! I don’t think I’ve ever met a user running such an old version.
I know we have the following upgrade guide but that’s for v1 to v2 users.