Missing notebook routes in official influxdb 2.6.1 OSS docker container?

When trying to create new notebooks using the official 2.6.1 docker container with no modifications I’m getting 404’s on the version route /api/v2private/notebooks/<id>/versions and a 400 on the share route /api/v2private/notebooks/share?orgID=&notebookID=<id>.

These two errors are preventing notebooks from saving or being shared. Looking at the tagged 2.6.1 Go source both paths don’t seem to exist in the notebook handler routes so I’m a bit lost. It looks like a bug but influxdb wouldn’t have shipped with non-saving notebooks so I’m wondering if I’m missing configuration (flags or something)?

Also note the share route has an empty orgID param even though the URL when I click on “new notebook” for the route does have an organization ID: /orgs/1ce735223937f5b7/notebooks/0aca2d9fd08b7000