Missing data for 9 month period

I just noticed that for unknown reason I am missing data for ~9 months period in my DB when taking a look at the graphs with Grafana.

What is strange is that taking a look at my backup the missing period is different. This makes me think that if there is actually some other problem than missing data. Is it possible that some indexing or similar is messed up and that data is actually there but not visible to Grafana. I have no retention policy set up.

This is an example of graph from current database.

I can’t upload another pic because forum policy, but what can be seen from the pic from the backup from 2022-10-31, the missing part starts from different date (two months later than today’s pic).

Is there a way to get missing data back or is it lost? I am sure that Influxdb has been up and running all the time, as Home Assistant also which the measurements are from.

Influxdb version is 1.8.10

Putting aside Grafana for the moment, can you inspect your raw data in Influx and determine if it’s all there?