Meta info not found


I have a question, I have migrated some influx databases (version: 1.8.10) and although it seems to be right (I view the data with grafana), I have gotten some warnings like this, is this normal?

root@monitor:~# influxd restore -portable  migracion_influx/
2024/01/26 08:17:32 Restoring shard 2369 live from backup 20240125T153751Z.s2369.tar.gz
2024/01/26 08:17:32 Restoring shard 1769 live from backup 20240125T153751Z.s1769.tar.gz
2024/01/26 08:17:36 Meta info not found for shard 2616 on database _internal. Skipping shard file 20240125T153751Z.s2616.tar.gz

2024/01/26 08:17:41 Restoring shard 2300 live from backup 20240125T153751Z.s2300.tar.gz
2024/01/26 08:17:43 Restoring shard 2440 live from backup 20240125T153751Z.s2440.tar.gz
2024/01/26 08:17:45 Meta info not found for shard 2614 on database _internal. Skipping shard file 20240125T153751Z.s2614.tar.gz

Thank you everyone! :bouquet: