Memory usage suddenly skyrocket

Today I was messing around with a SQL query (using SQL.from() function ) and joining the results to other flux query. I am not sure if I accidentally queried an enormous quantity of data which trigger some kind of OOM or what could be the problem, but my server crashed for a moment after that it came back restarting Influx DB service, but RAM has been above 90% since then, the “drops” in the picture are each time I tried to restart the service changing the options to set different memory limits.

but still nothing, I am not sure why it does not drop memory usage, the data ingestion hasn’t been changed at all. I was only working with read queries is there a way to force some kind of “flush” of ram used?.

InfluxDB OSS 2.6

Hello @fercasjr,
Ugh I’m sorry to report that doesn’t really surprise me.
Unfortunately this is part of the reason why we rewrote the storage engine for 3.x.
My best advice is to wait until it’s available and move to that.
Flux is notorious for eating up memory especially with a query like what you described.