Memory usage on Low-end hardware


We are having troubles with memory usage.
I checked the general hardware guidelines and compared it to our system.
Our configuration:
OS: Windows 7 32-bit with 4gb of RAM
Field writes per sec: < 500
Moderate queries per sec: +/- 2 per sec
Unique series: +/- 1000
Low cardinality

total measuring points until now: < 50 million
So I assume this system is categorized under (very)LOW

Memory usage steadily increases after a few days, starting at 400 mb going up to 800 mb.
As we use a 32-bit system with limited available memory, our question is what a normal memory usage would be for our database?.

I’ve never tried changing them but there’s a few settings in InfluxDB conf file that affect memory usage. Take a look at the data section.

As a test we started off with a completely new database:
InfluxDb version 1.4.2
standard retention policy autogen (shard duration 1 week)
This is a logging of the memory usage of the influxd application of the past few days.

Can someone explain us what the triggers are for the memory freeing up and for the memory growing?
What is the relationship to the settings in the data section?

Can we estimate when and where a stable memory usage will be reached?

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