Max-values-per-tag how to do

statsd.time(“name,transNo=” … uuid,

because transNo is no repetition
so when writing to []
“error”:"partial write: max-values-per-tag limit exceeded (100009/100000):tag=transNo,value=“xxxx”

transNo unwanted insert influxdb,but i want transNo outputs.file metrics.out

how to do

Hello @smallbirdwy,
You can search for

# max-values-per-tag = 100000

And change to

# max-values-per-tag = 0

In the agent portion config.

telegraf version 1.8,infulxdb version 1.5, tag=transNo(uuid) more and more big 10000000 lines, change max-values-per-tag = 0 ?

Hello @smallbirdwy,
That’s what my googling tells me works. I’m not sure from personal experience because I haven’t run into that error, but maybe give it a try and let me know how it works? Thank you!

With the increase of data, the memory will be full