Manipulate just one dataset


I would like to change a single record in my influxdb database. When I log in via the console, InfluxDB shell version: 1.8.3 appears.

the record looks like this:

time savings power solar consumption
1683816226058395321 320 power 2080 -1754

i want to change it to:

1683816226058395321 0 power 0 0

Can someone tell me the command?

I tried it this way which did not work:
insert sensormeasure, solar=0, consumption=0, savings=0 1683816226058395321

There isn’t a way to delete a single point in 1.8.
There also isnt a way to update a point.
To understand why please take a look at:

You should be able to insert a new point but if the line protocol is different then you wont replace your old point, you’ll just write a new point to a new series and measurement.