Maintenance on a given server

Is there any way to set a Host to maintenance mode?

I’m envisioning a world where we have a bunch of alerts grouped by host, including some deadman alerts.

A common occurrence is that we need to take a server out of service to do maintenance. In the Icinga/Zenoss/Nagios world, you could silence all alerts from a given host, for a given period of time… is this possible in Kapacitor?

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This can be a helpful feature. Any update on this?


I have just started on a python project for adding this to our TICK stack. Any comments, wishes or pull-requests are very much appreciated.

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On per-host suppression is just a specific use case. The generic suppression would define combination of tag filters.

I was thinking about some options:

  • This can be implemented as UDF alongside Kapacitor. However it would only allow to suppress the alerts and once the maintenance mode is removed, the outstanding alert would not be sent out.
  • The KAP, suggested by morten, would need to support all out put formats and be updated when anything changes.
  • The ideal way would be to have Kapacitor plug-in. If Kapacitor was supporting UDFs accepting (and issuing) Alerts/Events instead of just data points. This would allow to hold the alerts until MaintenanceMode is removed.