Possible to implement alerts on "positive list"?


(posting in about getting started, as this matches our current state, but can be moved if wanted)

since we are just getting started with evaluating TICK to possibly supersede our current ganglia/nagios/icinga “set-up”, we stumbled across a fundamental question upfront.

Imagine, we had a data store where we recorded all hosts we would expect to have online (along with the MAC and IP addresses and various names to feed into DHCP/DNS). Before we get a new bunch of servers, we add the to this store and already at that point would like to receive alerts as obviously those have not yet arrived or are just not yet powered up/installed. We looked into deadman and sideload for that, but so far were not able to figure out if kapacitor could act on something we defined externally, but never sent data into influxsb.

Related question - if we had deadman defined with a duration of an hour or so, would the alert/state change again after an hour of no data?