Logparser input plugin doesn't write to influxdb

Telegraf version: 1.5.2-1, other input plugins write data to influxdb
Ubuntu 16.04
I tried my pattern at http://grokdebug.herokuapp.com/, it matches log string
Mon Feb 12 17:36:15 2018 : Auth: (4165) Login OK: [534234234234fsdfasdf13434] (from client localhost-lo port 1235 cli[51106])
Request to influxdb return no data

use telegraf
Using database telegraf
SELECT * FROM freeradius_login_log


   files = ["/var/log/freeradius/freeradius.log"]
   from_beginning = false

     patterns = ["%{TS_ANSIC:ts:ts-ansic} : %{GREEDYDATA:greedy1} Login OK: %{GREEDYDATA:greedy2} cli %{IPV4:ip}"]
     measurement = "freeradius_login_log"

     custom_pattern_files = []
     custom_patterns = '''

logparser is loaded

2018-02-12T17:59:12Z I! Loaded inputs: inputs.processes inputs.swap inputs.exec inputs.exec inputs.disk inputs.diskio inputs.mem inputs.ping inputs.logparser inputs.cpu inputs.kernel inputs.system

The issue was in telegraf user permissions