Loading data in the InfluxDB

Hello, I have a trouble with loading data in influxDB. I need to load 8x cca 20MB files of data. I converted them into csv file. I have a java code for laod this data. I had luck and i load 1 file but others are not working, its not working or its just create empty database :confused: I realy need help with this problem bcz its project for school and i dont have a much time to finnish it.

PS: do i need tepegraf for load data and show them in grafana ?

I would be very happy if someone helped with this.

@Davmon You don’t need Telegraf. Are you using InfluxDB 1.x or 2.0?

Hello, i am using influxDB 1.7.10-1

You don’t necessarily need to use Telegraf to load the data. You just need to convert it to line protocol to write directly to InfluxDB. You can just use the /write API: https://docs.influxdata.com/influxdb/v1.8/guides/write_data/