Load data - python - 404


When trying to setup my new influx database, I am trying to load data via python.
Under the “load data” tab, and under “client libraries” / “python”, I get a 404 error. This is the link that is generated.
Other links, such as the C# one work fine:

I am hosting the database in a docker container.

Hi @phil333,
Could you copy your final python code into a code block and we can take a look?
Are you also running the python code within a container or just locally?

Hey, I don’t have any code just yet. I just setup the influxdb and was looking for some boilerplate code to start with. Does the default docker container not come with python?

Hi @phil333,
No, I would also not plan to run python code within your InfluxDB container. I would consider making that its own container. You can find examples of writing python code for InfluxDB here:

Note that if you build your python code into a container you need to play by the docker network rules:

Make sure all containers are on the same docker network
When connecting to influxdb via another container. your URL will change to: http://influxdb:8086

Thank you! I will have a look!

I have the same problem but I’m not using Docker. I installed the debian version of InfluxDB v2.6.1 (git: 9dcf880fe0) and it’s running via systemd. All the other data source buttons work but the Python button returns 404 error. The URL is like this: http://x.x.x.x:8086/orgs/1c98084debc13d47/new-user-setup/python. I haven’t written any python code yet, I was just trying to do the inital setup.

Hi @ebalsley-nflx,
This is a known issue in the UI. I will log the ticket. Please follow the link given above to the primary repo and checkout the examples there.