Create Dockerfile for python application to read InfluxDB

Hi all,

I am having a simple python script to fetch data from a table in InfluxDB installed in the local system. The script is as shown

import time
import sys
import influxdb
from influxdb import InfluxDBClient

client = InfluxDBClient(host='localhost', port=8086)
results = client.query('SELECT (*) FROM "autogen"."FactoryConfig"')
points = results.get_points()
for point in points:

This script runs without any error and prints the IP Address (Connection) from the table FactoryConfig.

Now I want to create a docker image out of it. I wrote a Dockerfile that looks like this

FROM python:3.10.0b2-buster

WORKDIR /usr/src/app


RUN pip install influxdb

CMD ["python", "./"]

This file compiles and creates a docker image named devicestatus. Now when I try to run the image with
sudo docker run devicestatus

it shows me an error on line 8 and complains that it cannot establish a new connection: [Errno 111] Connection refused

File "/usr/src/app/./", line 8, in <module>
    results= client.query('SELECT (*) FROM "autogen"."FactoryConfig"')

I suppose it’s something to do with the port. I am not able to understand how can I expose the port if this is the problem. I need help regarding this issue.

Thanks in advance.


It’s entirely possible that someone here may be able to help you with this
problem, however it’s really a Docker question more than an InfluxDB question,
so you might be better off asking on a Docker list / forum rather than here.


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I have also posted it in the Docker forum.

I agree that this is more a docker/network problem.
I think that localhost within a container wil not resolve to the host machine out of the box.
Google for your problem, i am sure you will find some hints, maybe here:

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Hi @Franky1,

Yes, replacing localhost with IP solved the problem.