Kapacitor not generating alert

Hi I have the following tick:

dbrp “statsd”.“shortterm”

    |eval(lambda: sigma("mean"))
    |stateDuration(lambda: "sig" > 2.0)
    |stateDuration(lambda: "sig" > 3.0)
     .message('{{ .Level}}: {{ .Name }}/{{ index .Tags "host" }} has high cpu load: {{ index .Fields "mean" }}')
      .warn(lambda: "sig_gt_2_min" > 5)
      .crit(lambda: "sig_gt_3_min" > 10)

The way i am reading it is if stddev > 2 for 5 min alert warn; if stddev > 3 for 5 min alert crit
I am putting a load on a server for more than 30 min and I get no alert.

Try getting rid of the mean and the window. There might not be enough data points–the window and average could be normalizing the data too much.