Kapacitor log difficult to follow

Dear all,

I am reviewing the Kapacitor log and I try to troubleshoot an error. But it’s a bit complicated to identify which id the node identified by “influxdb_out7”? The script have a lot of these nodes.

ts=2020-03-29T18:23:38.416+02:00 lvl=error msg=“error evaluating expression” service=kapacitor task_master=main task=CalcPlant_16_batch node=influxdb_out7 err=“mismatched type to binary operator. got float / missing. see bool(), int(), float(), string(), duration()”

Could it be a way to identify theses nodes in the source file?

Thank you

you can run kapacitor show taskname which will show you the nodes,

You should be able to work out which node is which from there (it isn’t necessarily in order).


Thank you for your answer. I used the show option but it’s very difficult to match each node number with the script. Because in my case the script has more 1000 lines with more than 80 eval nodes. It’s complex to know which the number 85 or influxdb_out number 89…

Here the show:

And the script:

Thank you very mucho for your support¡