Kapacitor docker container exits after adding httppost to the config file




I am using sandbox. After git clone,./sanbox up - all the container are up and running as expected. But when i added below script to the kapacitor.conf

endpoint = “onoff”
url = “
headers = { “Content-Type” = “application/json” }
alert-template = “{{.Message}}:{{range .Data.Series}}{{.Tags}},{{range .Values}}{{.}}{{end}}{{end}}”
row-template = “{{.Name}} host={{index .Tags “host”}}{{range .Values}} {{index . “time”}} {{index . “value”}}{{end}}”

And ./sandbox restart the kapacitor container is exiting (not up and running).

And when i delete the added script, everything is up and running. Any idea why its failing ?

How to POST json when the alert occur , Kapacitor/Chronogaf?

The problem is the quotes are actually unicode characters:

  • U+201C : LEFT DOUBLE QUOTATION MARK {double turned comma quotation mark}
  • U+201D : RIGHT DOUBLE QUOTATION MARK {double comma quotation mark}

This works:

  endpoint = "onoff"
  url = ""
  headers = { "Content-Type" = "application/json" }
  alert-template = "{\"value\": false}"