[closed] Using UDF in Kapacitor run in docker sandbox does not start container

I’m currently trying to get this example running using the docker tick stack.

If I change the kapacitor.conf to add the UDF, the Kapacitor docker container just stops immediately and a ping to http://localhost:9092/kapacitor/v1/ping no longer results in a 204.

My UDF config:

    prog = "/usr/bin/python2"
    args = ["-u", "/tmp/kapacitor_udf/ttest.py"]
    timeout = "10s"
        PYTHONPATH = "/tmp/kapacitor_udf/kapacitor/udf/agent/py"

Executing ./sandbox.bat enter kapacitor to enter the cli shows that no Python seems to be installed as the folder /usr/bin/python2 does not exist.

Also no log file is placed in /var/logs/kapacitor/

Is my configuration wrong? Or are there other ways to fix this issue?


Fixed using a Dockerfile that downloads python and installs it.

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