Kapacitor 1.X vs InfluxDB2 processing and monitoring agent?

Hi, we have been working for long time with kapacitor as a alerting engine , and we have developed resistor (GitHub - toni-moreno/resistor: A WebService Based Filter for InfluxData Kapacitor Alerts) a kind of User Interface front-end with 4 main goals.

  • Easy deploy tasks bases on a template catalogue and a “product catalogue”
  • the only frontend for multiple influxdb1X and kapacitor1.X intances (sometimes more than one kapacitor for only 1 db) all with the kapacito1.X API
  • online joining influxdb with external sql based corporative data, that help us to filter, and distribute alerts.

With influxdb2 we need think in next steps with the tool to give support for the new influxdb2, and we have some doubts.

  1. will influxdb2 support for current kapacitor 1.X TICK scripts and templates?
  2. Will we be able to run the influxdb2 background processing and monitoring agent as an independent module and subscribed to other/mutiples influxdb’s databases as we do right now?
  3. will you support kapacitor1.X API in influxdb2 ?
  4. Will we be able to reuse our UDF modules to the new background processing and monitoring agent?