jolokia2: map urls and hosts

Hi all,
There is a way to map urls and hosts in jolokia2?

This is my configuration:

urls = [

name = “Tomcat_Oracle_Ucp_Connection_pools”
mbean = “oracle.ucp.admin.UniversalConnectionPoolMBean:*”
paths = [“maxPoolSize”,“minPoolSize”,“availableConnectionsCount”,“poolName”]

And the result is quite good:

name: Tomcat_Oracle_Ucp_Connection_pools
time availableConnectionsCount host jolokia_agent_url maxPoolSize minPoolSize poolName

1541095860000000000 2 pollerHost http://host1:8080/jolokia 20 3 pool1
1541095860000000000 70 pollerHost http://host2:8080/jolokia 350 70 pool2

But I want to use host1 instead of pollerHost.

In jolokia(1) I can use:
name = “host1”
host = “host1”
port = 8080