How to pass the selected Mbean names on Jolokia plugin

Hello Team,

I would I pass the selected Mbean names?

We have bunch of cassandra metrics for table type but I just need to grab selected ones, and I have used PATHS as given below but it’s not working.

Any help appreciated.

# cassandra metrics
  urls = ["http://localhost:8778/jolokia"]
  name_prefix = "cassandra_"

  ## Table metrics

    name  = "Table"
    mbean = "org.apache.cassandra.metrics:keyspace=*,name=*,scope=*,type=Table"
    tag_keys = ["keyspace", "name", "scope"]
    paths = ["ReadLatency", "WriteLatency", "CoordinatorReadLatency", "CoordinatorWriteLatency", "PendingFlushes", "PendingCompactions", "LiveSSTableCount", "LiveDiskSpaceUsed", "MaxPartitionSize"]
    field_prefix = "$2_"

Hello @chandrakanth_reddy_P,
can you use debug=true in the agent portion of the config? Can you share the logs too please?
@Jay_Clifford have you run into this?

I was able to filter using tagpss and tagdrop.