Is it wise to use influxdb alerting system without storing data on influxdb?

So, I have a Postgres system and I don’t want to store data in influxdb. Because, everything on postgres and I don’t want to duplicate the data for now. I can move to influx completely later.
Alerting system seems good enough though.

My question is that do you think it’s logical to query another database and generate alerts using flux? Is it stupid or reasonable? What do you think and why?

If it works , it isn’t stupid :laughing:

Id be cautious about using this in a work/production system though without a thorough testing.

Whether some this is good or not often depends on your final plan . And if that is influxdb , moving your alerting/monitoring now might be good way to break process up into smaller milestones

Thanks for the advice, @FixTestRepeat
I am actually wondering if there are people using the alerting system that way.