Internet_speed plugin failed to fetch user info

Hi all,

I tried to use the internet_speed input plugin of telegraf to collect information about my internet connection.
Nevertheless the plugin failed to run and log file have the following error:

2022-11-07T14:19:40Z E! [inputs.internet_speed] Error in plugin: fetching user info failed: EOF

Is someone know how to fix this problem or if it is a plugin bug ?
For information, I use the latest docker image of telegraph.

What is your interval set to for the internet speed plugin? I know this can cause issues if you are calling it too often, given the plugin itself takes 20-30seconds (or more) to run?

The error is getting an EOF from calling this function in the speedtest-go library itself.

Thanks for your response,

Even with higher interval such as 2 minutes, it does not solve the problem.
The function that you mentionned always returns the same Error

2022-11-09T14:10:00Z E! [inputs.internet_speed] Error in plugin: fetching user info failed: EOF

I start to suspect that the function FetchUserInfoContext is not working properly due to the fact that the user-agent is not initialized into the http request.

@mike_35 can you please open an issue in Github with the information?!?

I created an issue Failed to fetch user info · Issue #79 · showwin/speedtest-go · GitHub and proposed a pull request that was merged. speedtest-go v1.2.1 contains the fix.

I also created an issue for telegraf Internet_speed plugin failed to fetch user info · Issue #12213 · influxdata/telegraf · GitHub, but I do not know the workflow to integrate the change from speedtest-go v1.2.1

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