Integrating InfluxDBv2 with a Machine Learning Model for Seamless Input Integration

I have a machine learning model, and I’m using InfluxDBv2 to store data. How can I set up a process to automatically input any incoming data into InfluxDB directly into my machine learning model?

Hello @Kevin_2306,
I’d need a little more info on that.
But I’d suggest using a client library and maybe…

  • message queues like kafka or rabbitmq
  • webhooks and apis to trigger external actions so whenever data goes to influx aslo send to your model
  • telegraf
  • cloud functions like lamda, GCFunctions, azure functions to process data and feed it into influxdb on a schedule
  • ETL tools like quix or to pipe data into influxdb and into your machine learnign model
  • stream processors like apache flink or storm

etc…it really depends :slight_smile: