Integrating InfluxDB with Data Warehouse for Analytics

I am new to the forum and new to InfluxDB, so please excuse me if I am missing some norms in this community. :slight_smile:

At my organization, we are exploring to build a ETL+DW+BI stack and are evaluating few tools like Sisense and Tableau. Although a lot of source data is in MySql databases of the different applications, a couple of our applications also use InfluxDB.

I read briefly about Kapacitor as an ETL tool and InfluxDB’s REST API interface to query data but I am not entirely certain if it would be a good architecture to connect Sisense (just for an example) to fetch data from InfluxDB. Considering most of these new age analytics tools don’t have ready connectors for InfluxDB, I was wondering if we are the first ones to face this integration issue or we are doing something wrong with this approach.

I seek your guidance on what would be a right way to extract data from Influxdb in batches and load into any of the standard Analytics/BI tools.

Hell @Aamod,

Maybe take a look at this InfluxDB-Tableau Web Data Connector will be useful to you. Here is the repo.

Does this help you?



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