Insert with specific _start and _stop for each individual point when batch writing

I am writing points with the async python client from package influxdb_client.

To avoid lagging behind the websocket that send me the data, I write the point in batches. I assign a unique timestamp to each point with the key “time”. When looking at the data on chronograph in “line visualization” I only see the last point of each batch. However when looking at the raw data, I see all the points of each batch.

I suspect the visualization uses the start and stop time of the points. And as all the points of a same batch share the same start and stop, it only shows the last one.

I assume when querying, the time granularity will be the one of the batch and not the one of each individual point. I want to avoid that. So how to change the start and stop time?

Hello @Nicolas_Carrara,
The start and stop is defined by the range() function in your query. Not by batches with the async python client.
What’s your query?

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Oh ok my bad then, I completely misunderstood the meaning of start and stop. Thanks!

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