Influxdb2 prometheus endpoint problem

I want to send metrics from prometheus to influxdb so I set remote_write in config file. this simply works with influxdb1.8 but for influxdb2.0.3 no data receive from prometheus.

  - url: "http://influxdb2:8086/api/v1/prom/write?db=prometheus&u=user&p=pass"
    #- url: "http://influxdb2:8086/api/v1/prom/write?db=prometheus"

I tested with both of urls.
here is a sample of influxdb2 log:

influxdb2    | ts=2020-12-28T11:17:54.971089Z lvl=debug msg=Request log_id=0RMAbPGW000 service=http method=POST host=influxdb2:8086 path=/api/v1/prom/write query="db=prometheus&p=pass&u=user" proto=HTTP/1.1 status_code=200 response_size=313 content_length=33437 referrer= remote= user_agent=Prometheus took=0.234ms body=

as you can see the body part is empty

Some new information:
api call endpoint is changed in v2 and this doc is only valid for v1.8.
According to v2 api documentation in this link, you need to send bucket and organization in request params and auth token in request headers.
now my prometheus remote_write config is like this:

  - url: "http://influxdb2:8086/api/v2/write?org=myOrg&bucket=myBucket"
    bearer_token: "Authorization: Token myToken"

Problem is in this step. the request recived in influxdb is like this:

POST /api/v2/write?org=myOrg&bucket=myBucket HTTP/1.1
Host: influxdb2:8086                                          
User-Agent: Prometheus/2.22.0
Content-Length: 253
Authorization: Bearer Authorization: Token myToken               
Content-Encoding: snappy      
Content-Type: application/x-protobuf
X-Prometheus-Remote-Write-Version: 0.1.0

auth header should be just Authorization: Token myToken instead of Authorization: Bearer Authorization: Token myToken.
I should change prometheus bearer_token but I don’t know how.

My final step:
I removed bearer_token from prometheus config file, then I send requests to reserve proxy and add Authorization header to request. So proxy send request with correct Authorization header.
Good news is I don’t get 401 error but the bad news is I get 400 response.
this is my final step and I keep using v1.8

Any luck with prometheus and influxdb2.0 remote wrtite?I am facing the same issue here.
Any help would be appreciated.

If anyone comes here like I did here is what I found out elsewhere. They have implemented remote write through telegraf here is the og issue: InfluxDB2, Prometheus, remote_write · Issue #17958 · influxdata/influxdb · GitHub It links an article about setting it up also (I can’t link a third time)

Unfortunately as of my writing there isn’t a way to remote read with prometheus, but there is an open issue here: InfluxDB2, Prometheus, remote_read · Issue #20519 · influxdata/influxdb · GitHub I’ve subscribed to this issue to await a change.

For now need to stick with influxdb v1.

Hope this helps others.