405 when trying to use the Prometheus read end-point

According to this page, it should be possible to scrape metrics from Influxdb using Prometheus.

In my experience however, the remote_write end-point works, but not the remote_read.

Here’s my setup in influxdb:

> CREATE DATABASE prometheus
> GRANT WRITE ON prometheus TO writeuser
> GRANT READ ON prometheus TO readuser

I’ve then successfully configured Prometheus to push metrics using:

  - url: ""

I can see those writes appearing in the logs just fine.

When I try to query the database however, I get a 405 error:

$ curl -i ""
HTTP/1.1 405 Method Not Allowed
Allow: POST
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8
X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff
X-Influxdb-Build: OSS
X-Influxdb-Version: 1.4.3
Date: Thu, 05 Apr 2018 17:17:31 GMT
Content-Length: 19

Method Not Allowed

The corresponding stanza I tried with in the Prometheus config file was:

  - url: ""

Anyone got any ideas?

I also tried a POST, which makes no sense in this context IMHO:

$ curl -i -XPOST ""
HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request
Content-Type: application/json
Request-Id: ca5ab3e2-38f7-11e8-9f76-000000000000
X-Influxdb-Build: OSS
X-Influxdb-Error: snappy: corrupt input
X-Influxdb-Version: 1.4.3
X-Request-Id: ca5ab3e2-38f7-11e8-9f76-000000000000
Date: Thu, 05 Apr 2018 17:35:53 GMT
Content-Length: 34

{"error":"snappy: corrupt input"}

I’m actually seeing the same behavior with an influx instance im running in kubernetes, i can hit the prom metrics api at http://influx-instance:8086/metrics but receive method not allowed on the read endpoint (only difference is that i am hitting it without a user/pass)

Yeah my instance is actually running in a local minikube cluster. Didn’t want to go into that to complicate the post further :slight_smile:

It is a bit tricky to read from Influx using the Prometheus interface.
(Taken from https://prometheus.io/docs/prometheus/latest/storage/#overview):

The read and write protocols both use a snappy-compressed protocol buffer encoding over HTTP.

Not sure I get your point, @saminou. I get that it could affect the curl example, but not how it would affect Prometheus.

My understanding is Prometheus can only retrieve from Influx what it stored itself to Influx. And it does both using its own interface, making standard curl requests futile.

Same problem with influxdb2.0.3. There was no problem with influxdb1.8 it appears after I upgrading to influxdb2.