InfluxDb2 backup fails: failed to backup metadata...401 Unauthorized: unauthorized access

Hi, I’m trying to backup my influxdb2 data to restore onto another server. I’m following the docs and using the command:

influx backup -t xxxx backupfile.bak 

I get the following response:

2022/03/12 20:17:30 INFO: Downloading metadata snapshot
Error: failed to backup metadata: failed to download metadata snapshot: InfluxDB OSS-only command failed: 401 Unauthorized: unauthorized access

I’m using the token auto-generated for user “admin” when the influxdb2 instance was created. I’m assuming that’s what they mean by the root token. The token allows me to login successfully as admin in the web UI. The command “influx ping” returns OK for the active config.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong here?

Ok I found an API token in the default org called “admin’s token” and thought I’d try that. It worked! Would be good if the docs were a bit clearer on where to find that information.