Influxdb to Datadog within coroporate network


I have a use case where we need to send statsd metrics to 2 backends

  1. Datadog
  2. Influxdb

As we are with in the corporate network, we can reach to datadog only through proxy server.

We see below error messages in telegraf logs when writing to datadog.

E! Error writing to output [datadog]

Mostlikely, it is due to the fact that telegraf might have not used proxy env variables.
http_proxy, https_proxy, HTTP_PROXY, HTTPS_PROXY

Could you please suggest any workaroud to resolve this issue?

Appreciat it!


I just added support today for these variables to Telegraf, it will be included in v1.5. In the meantime you could try a nightly build, but give it a day to be included.

Thank You very much @daniel. It helps!