Influxdb shows the same timestamp always

I am new to influxdb.
What am i trying to do? : I am trying to setup the mainflux IoT framework that is used for sending and receiving data. I try to send data through Postman. Write the data to influxdb and visualise with grafana.

Issue 1 - The data is written to the database. But with the same timestamp always and overwrites the current message. Basically, the influxdb has only one entry with the same timestamp always even if i change all the field-values. Note - I have not changed the retention policy. It stays at autogen with 0s duration.
P.S. I use Postman to write messages into the influxdb.

Issue 2 - Also, the only influxdb entry in the database is not visible on grafana even if i expand the grafana timerange to last 50 years.

Question 1 - How do i make influxdb show all the entries with different timestamps?
Question 2 - How to make grafana show datapoints that is stored in influxdb?


Hi @hari, welcome to the community! Could you share what you’re posting to InfluxDB with Postman? What exactly are you sending in the body of your request?