Only one value perf second recorded - logstash to influxdb


I recently started using influxdb.

Lately I decided to use it to store informations comming from an application log. This application just logs when it receive a message. From that I’m trying to get an overview of the number of message processed in a second (using influxdb and grafana).

I have a logstash daemon sending to influx the timestamp (unix epoc in second) and the message content to influx.

My problem is the following : from logstash every line is correctly sent but only a fraction of them ends up in my DB. After further after further investigation it looks like I only get one line for each second (unique epoc) in my DB. Why is that ? I’m not sure to post on the right forum but logstash is definitly sending all the required lines. It is just that not all of them end up in my DB…

Thanks in advance for your help!


If you’re writing with second precision, and there aren’t tags to differentiate the series, then the last written point wins: InfluxDB frequently asked questions | InfluxDB OSS 1.5 Documentation