InfluxDB recompile for ppc64 / IBM POWER servers with RHEL7.6, SLES15 or Ubuntu18.04


With my njmon we can collect loads of data on this HW and OS combinations and 700 stats from AIX & VIOS but most POWER guys don’t want to run InfluxDB of nasty little Intel boxes :slight_smile:
I recompiled and got the basic influxd and influx CLI binaries but it gets hard to build the install packages.
Any chance of an official POWER processor release?
Cheers, Nigel Griffiths
ps: My S922LC has 160 CPUs and 256 GB RAM - it should run Influxdb very nicely!
pps: I also run Influxdb on two Raspberry Pi 3B and it runs well - which demo’s high efficiency - I was impressed.
ppps: Perhaps, hope to see you at Influxdays in London in June

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I regularly recompile for various architectures – arm64 mostly, but sometimes MIPS – so it’s pretty straightforward. As for building actual install packages once built, You can probably pull some scripts for building install packages for your architecture from somewhere and just add those to the Makefile to auto-build.

Hope to see you in London!