Influxdb limited to one CPU


Since 1.7.9 update, my influxdb process seems limited to 100% of CPU.

Dec 15 11:45:57 xxxx influxd[23933]: ts=2019-12-15T10:45:57.318663Z lvl=info msg=“InfluxDB starting” log_id=0JjIUJmW000 version=1.7.9 branch=1.7 commit=23bc63d43a8dc05f53afa46e3526ebb5578f3d88
Dec 15 11:45:57 xxxx influxd[23933]: ts=2019-12-15T10:45:57.318698Z lvl=info msg=“Go runtime” log_id=0JjIUJmW000 version=go1.12.6 maxprocs=8

See attached images

Any idea where I should look ?

Ok it looks like a telegraf issue finally…

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@Fabrice Thanks for your question. I’m happy you solved your issue. Can you please share your solution, so other community members can benefit from your experience?

Indeed. It is just the effect of procstat input plugin: cpu_usage artificially capped at 100 · Issue #6421 · influxdata/telegraf · GitHub
I hope it will be released soon.

Even better, it has been just released.

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