Influxdb 1.6.3 high cpu %usage


I am running influxdb 1.6.3 on my ubuntu 16.04 64 bit, 4 core, 8GB RAM.

i always notice the cpu usage goes to 50%, 80% , 150% for the influxdb process. Because of that some times, load goes to very high and come down to normal. i could not find any error from the log.

can some one let me know how to investigate on this issues? thank you.

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I have the same issue. Is influxdb tunable to reduce cpu usage

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same issue. any updates??

Hi @Kiddinglife ,

The environment variable GOMAXPROC can be used to set the maximum number of CPUs that can execute simultaneously.

Is this of any help to you ?

best regards

Hi @MarcV

setting GOMAXPROC varialbe, doesnot help as well.

is there any way to findout what causing this issues?