Influxdb 1.7.1 High CPU Usage - still

Linux DietPi 4.19.97+ #1294
InfluxDB v1.7.10

Steps to reproduce
Unsure, started as soon as server started the first time.

Expected behavior: Maintain expected levels of CPU usage.

Actual behavior: CPU spiked out of nowhere ti 90% and is holding all load averages high.

I don’t know how to provide debug info, please let me know, cheers!

If you log into the machine, run top to see what processes are chewing up the CPU. It’s likely that the top command will be at or near the top of he list, but this is expected. Let me know if you see InfluxDB at the top of the list though!


Yep, it’s defo influxdb at the top of the list, continuously using up 80-90% CPU.

I saw a similar thing running mine on a slow disk. My data isn’t at all important so what I did was move the WAL to a tmpfs. Ymmv but might be something to try.

Okay, how do i go about moving the WAL to a tmpfs?

It looks like my influxdb-store is located on the ramdisk at /var/log/influxdb-store, but if you let me know about the ‘WAL’ that would really help, cheers!

How can i run influxdb service/deamon interactively with debug enabled to see if there’s any error messages popping up?